Cloud - DevOps Free 3 months Internship

Free Internship Programme – Cloud & DevOps

Duration: 3 Months

Knowledge Eligibility:

  1. Already attended/Learned Cloud – AWS, AZURE
  2. Already attended/Learned DevOps – Ansible, Terraform, DevOps Tools
  3. Already attended/Learned Container – Docker
  4. Already attended/Learned MicroServices – Kubernetes

Who is Eligible:

  1. Are you fear of interviews ?
  2. Are you Jobless ?
  3. Are you fear in Interviews?
  4. Are you worried about Employment GAP ?
  5. Are you not getting Cloud/DevOps jobs ?
  6. Are you just passed the exam Using Exam dumps ?
  7. Are you not confident about what you learned?
  8. Have you already trained / Learned Cloud/DevOps Theory?
  9. Are you interested to do exercise from the given questions? 
  10. Are you interested to do exercise from the given Use-cases? 
  11. Are you interested to do document and verifying you are correct or not ?

What You Get:

  1. Clarity on Real Time Exposure
  2. Confidence to Face Interviews.
  3. Confidence to handle your projects
  4. Confidence to switch your domain / Technology ?

What You Get:

  1. Internship Employment Experience Certificate Till you get a job
  2. If you wish you can participate in our POC initiatives.3

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