When I was learning any language(C,C++,Java)  or  OS Administration (Windows,Linux )during  those year (2000).I have to travel training centers for  more kilometers during afternoon or in Night. We would able to practice the labs and utilize the setup during odd hours. This needs to booked earlier with that Lab instructor with available slots timings.Nowdays we don’t have to travel and book the Labs slots. If we connected on Internet with Laptop. We are creating our own Lab and setup needed for our requirements using Cloud technologies (AWS, GCP, AZURE) and Virtualization (VMWARE).

When we want to learn Solaris OS Administration before 15 years .we have to look for good training institute those having that hardware’s like SPARC machine, If we want to practice with different used case studies. We may require more machine that will be huge cost .Nowdays,if we have Laptop with good configuration along with high speed Internet. we would subscribe to any of the cloud service provider(AWS,GCP,AZURE) that saves our time with the Lab setup ,cost and practice any number of times with more machines.

Home Lab Setup


It was very hard to find best trainers on rare technologies and their availability during those days. Now, trainers are delivering their best using multiple channels (e-learning Portal, YouTube) in the form of videos. There are few communities and WhatsApp group started sharing the knowledge on new Technologies.Thanks to them and the technologies which reduce time and cost.

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