Upgrading  RHEL 6.10 to RHEL 7.9 for SAP Application requirements 

Problem statement:RHEL 6.10  Support will be going to end and SAP application has to be run for    business crossfit upper body wods requirement with OS upgraded version without impacting any of the existing data.The same VM resources(CPU,DISK and memory) to be used.

 Technology  Used: VMWARE,Redhat,Rear

 Prerequisite steps :old OS image backup has taken using REAR tool in the ISO format.Snapshot taken on the VM level.Run the redhat-preupgrade assessment tool  to identify risk on dependency of application and OS related packages.

Solution : Copied the RHEL 7.9 ISO image and mapped  as CDROM in the Vcenter.Disabled the RHEL 6 repository.we upgraded using redhat-upgrade tool by pointing local mounted cdrom.OS is upgraded and existing data filesystem are maintained with ext4.After upgrade SAP application was not able to bring up due to library file is not supporting with the upgraded RHEL 7.9 version.Dependency library file(S0) is installed with the necessary packages.

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Dont’s :Don’t mount ISO images as NFS share and try to upgrade the OS.It will fail and won’t upgrade.

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  1. Post patching wat kind of issues we face and how to fix it.
    1. suppose server doesnt up post patching what steps to be followed.
    2. post application patching if OS binary and application binary doesnt
    match what steps to be followed

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