Adding and removing storage is a frequent task in a day to day Linux system administration job. While doing so, it’s imperative to follow certain steps to be successful.  No doubt,  this always goes fuzzy to most of the system administrator in the beginning.   Let’s go through the process has to be followed for commissioning storage in a bare-metal or physical server which runs Linux Operating system.


  1. Once storage request received from the customer, raise a service request to Storage team for adding the required storage space. In some cases, customer would raise request directly with Storage team.
  2. OS team to ensure the change request is in place before starting the task.
  3. Storage team would ask the WWN ID of the HBA cards connected to the server.
  4. Storage team would provision the requested storage space, and inform Unix team to proceed further with OS steps.
  5. OS team to get the LUNS details with size for all newly added storage LUNS.
  6. OS team to now scan the LUNS from the OS and name the storage LUN with desired name in multipath settings.
  7. OS team to reload multipath settings and further add the LUNS to the LVM for creating new filesystem or expand existing filesystems.
  8. Once all tasks are over, close the change request


Thus we have learnt the process of adding the storage spaces on Linux servers. In future, we will deep dive into each above steps in more details.

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